The Birches Academy of Academics & Art is a public school for students in grades K-8, with 25 students per grade level. We hold a lottery each winter (generally late January) for the Kindergarten class. For the 2020-21 school year, the lottery is on Wednesday, January 29; see details here. Entry to every other grade is done through a wait list.

Applications can be submitted at any time.

All families wishing to enroll at The Birches Academy must attend an information session/tour before their students begins.  Look here for dates for upcoming tours, or private sessions can be arranged by contacting


Like other public schools, The Birches Academy is free for students who are New Hampshire residents. Residence is defined as the place where a student eats morning and evening meals, sleeps during the week and where their clothes are kept. A Residency Affidavit form will be required prior to final confirmation of enrollment.

The Birches Academy strives to keep families together.  Siblings of current students or alumni (defined as a graduate from our 8th grade) are put at the top of the list in the Kindergarten lottery. For other grades, siblings can be placed on the Sibling Wait List.  When a spot opens in a grade, we pull from the Sibling Wait List first.  

Kindergarten Lottery Guidelines:

  1. Children of Employees. All children of founding members and employees of The Birches Academy who have completed applications by the deadline will be placed, prior to holding the lottery. (If there are more such students than there are places, a “staff lottery” will be held. These students’ names will be drawn and be placed on the waiting list in the order in which they are drawn. If a space becomes available, but the student does not meet the 10% rule, their name will remain on the wait list and the next eligible student will be accepted.)

  2. Siblings of Currently Enrolled Students or Alumni. In the second and subsequent years, siblings of currently enrolled students, who have completed applications during the enrollment period, will be placed prior to the lottery. If there are more such students than there are places, a “sibling lottery” will be held. These students’ names will be drawn and be placed on the waiting list in the order in which they are drawn.

  3. Applicants. All names of remaining students who have submitted completed applications will be placed into a lottery.

  4. Drawing. As each name is drawn, the student will be admitted or placed on the waiting list, according to the criteria outlined above.

  5. Admitted Students: If a student meets the criteria outlined above, he or she is conditionally admitted to The Birches Academy. An acceptance package will be mailed.

  6. Siblings of Admitted Students. When a student is admitted, their siblings’ names are automatically drawn. If there is space, the siblings are admitted as well. If more sibling apply then space is available, we will hold a “Sibling Lottery” to determine who will be enrolled for the school year.

  7. Wait Listed Students. If there is no longer space available, the student will be placed on the wait list in the order that his or her name was drawn. If an opening occurs in a given grade, students on the wait list will be contacted according to their order on the wait list. Students on wait list who opt out of enrolling when space is available automatically surrender their spot on the list.

  8. Application Received After Lottery Deadline. If a student’s application is received after the lottery, they will be placed on the waitlist and admitted when there is a space available.

  9. Students with Individual Education Plans. Parents of students who are on IEPs that are selected in the lottery will be conditional accepted pending a meeting with the sending school district, The Birches Academy and themselves to determine if The Birches Academy is the right placement for the child.

  10. Entrance Age Policy. A pupil may enter Kindergarten if his or her chronological age will be five on, or before, September 30th of the year of entering school. A birth certificate must be presented with the Application Packet.