Student “Pop Art Food” sculpture

Student “Pop Art Food” sculpture


Students grades K-3 eat in their classrooms. Students grades 4-8 eat in our common space, The Woods. All students have recess before or after their lunch.

New this year, we are partnering with Lunch Crunch Organics to provide an option for school lunches! Please see the FAQ about the program.

Lunches must be ordered by the Wednesday before the week of delivery.

They offer the following four size options for parents to choose from (these are recommended portion sizes, parents may choose any size option for their child):

  • $5.75 (plus tax): PreK-Grade 2

  • $6.50 (plus tax): Grades 3-5

  • $7.25 (plus tax): Grades 6-8

  • $7.95 (plus tax): High School and Adults (all salads are also a one-size $7.95 plus tax)

Student “Pop Art Food” sculpture

Student “Pop Art Food” sculpture


Students have a few minutes for snack each morning. We recommend packing small healthy snacks. You will be notified if there is a severe allergy concern in your child’s classroom. Healthy snacks and drinks are available from the School Store for $1-$2.