One of the great aspects of The Birches Academy is that we have families from 14 different towns come together for a common goal "school choice" for our children. The Friends of the Birches would like to invite you to our first community night/fundraiser on September 19 at A-Brews. Please join us for a fun night of meat bingo and get a chance to meet other parents from surrounding towns.

What is Meat Bingo?

The game is 6 rounds. To play you purchase a set of 3 cards that have been randomly put together. The rounds are $2 each with the last round being a $3 round. You can buy all 6 rounds for $13 for one set of cards. The DJ has a deck of playing cards and he pulls one card out at a time. The person who hits all three cards wins that round. After each round, you have a chance to switch your set of cards or buy more. You must buy Bingo cards with cash; there is an ATM on site. A-Brews has a full bar and food menu. Food & drinks can be paid with credit cards.