The Birches, which opened in September 2012, is a New Hampshire state charter school located in Salem, N.H. Our arts-integrated curriculum is designed to to help learning occur for each and every child and supports excellence in core academics. Learn more about our school through the links below.

The mission of The Birches Academy is to cultivate a learning community that promotes excellence in core academics and the arts while valuing the individual qualities and strengths of each child.  This is done by creating an environment that will:

  • Provide rich curricula in reading, spelling, writing, mathematics and science with a focus on skill development and application. There will be an emphasis on the use of projects which make connections between academic subject areas and the arts.

  • Help students realize their intellectual and social potential by providing individually planned instruction founded on each child’s individual qualities, strengths and innate curiosity according to an individualized plan. A Personal Learning Plan (PLP) will be created for each child taking into consideration the individual child.

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